College Football

November 17, 2002
November 24, 2002

   College Football
by John Sayle Watterson
A gritty, no-holds-barred history rich in anecdotes and colorful characters, from 1876 to the 1990s. Described are the gouges, kicks, and punches that nearly led to the sport’s demise, the reforms of 1910, the flow of cash and scandals in the 1920s, revelations of illicit aid for student athletes in the 1930s, the post-war “Sanity Code,” the issues of gender and race, and the growth of TV revenue. Chapters include the origins of big-time football-1876 to 1894, the first football controversy, spreading scandal, saints and sinners, crisis and reform, the flight from disorder-big time football in postwar America, the accidental reform: African Americans at predominantly white schools, football scandals in the 1980s, the revolt of the pigskin elect, and more.
6½” x 10½” 456 pages, index, photos
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#411 Coll Football (hardbound) $34.95
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